Experienced Wired tree VPS 2013 Technology

May 24, 2013

I made the decision to try out the facilities of WiredTree Hosting the previous week. The move was smoother than A2 Hosting's uptime, the host that we utilized just before this, so much so that I imagine people were oblivious to it. Not being knowledgeable of what or how the shift of our website to the different host was going to finish up, I was terrified of it and postponed the switch for months.

But the transition proved not to be a big issue, ultimately because of first rate aid from WiredTree.

I had been employing A2 Hosting's services for more than a year. Bad downtime and substandard customer support were what we were forced to endure during our time with them. What made us stay with them in spite of this was that they were inexpensive and also on account of our anxiety concerning the transition. What attracted us to A2 Hosting were the very affordable plans which were allegedly unlimited (more on that later). Fee every month was below $10.

While I consider myself quite well-versed in anything in connection with computers, switching from one server to a different one made me nervous. We also needed to go from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Since I don't know anything about hosting procedures, it looked like a dicey and time-consuming task. I've got a full-time law practice to manage, and no time to screw around with server administration.

On cost and anxiety, we would have continued with A2 Hosting, downtime and all. A2 Hosting told us that the plan we purchased was an unrestricted one but they recently told us that we were applying too many information on that plan. I still haven't worked out how A2 Hosting thinks we can utilize too much of our limitless information. A2 Hosting wound up giving us one week's grace to move, which was what settled it for us.

Somebody introduced me to WiredTree and that's what we chose.

This analysis is entirely founded on my experience alone and as a result, this may not be the case for other customers.

It's no wonder that they are one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. I can't recommend WiredTree enough if you are on the lookout for a VPS or a dedicated server. Everything has run smoothly for me and my online enterprise over the two years that I've been with them.

It is rather much more pricey-about $50 monthly-but it is easy to understand why. I was reassured by WiredTrees exceptional security measures and support that we'd taken the right step. While it took hours before I could obtain any answer for my support tickets at A2 Hosting, WiredTree presented response in minutes. WiredTree even called me on my mobile to affirm that I'd placed an order. (Real, living human beings answering phones!)

With the experienced direction of one of WiredTree's support personnel, the transfer was really fluid and almost hassle-free beginning with copying our previous server before transferring it and our website address to the new host. Everything was over in an hour. Even if you are a technophobe, I am confident that WiredTree could get you relocated-or just operational in the first place-in short order. I won't be surprised that nobody noticed that we'd relocated taking into account how smoothly it moved. WiredTree has confirmed to us beyond doubt that it deserves every cent we pay it to be our host.